Hiroo Media Studio, Inc.

We create videos that are simple, easy to understand, and eye-catching.
We handle everything from planning to shooting to editing to DVD production.
We incorporate CG, motion graphics, and Flash for enhanced presentation.
We specialize in video localization and a variety of other language services.

  • Created update information for a healthcare provider
  • Produced medical dramas (Baachan no Sekai, Burai to Mirai)
  • Localized an educational video for an overseas medical equipment manufacturer
  • Produced a nurse recruitment video
  • Cooperated on the production of a TV commercial
  • Produced a PC sales promotion video (live-action/motion graphics)
  • Produced an instructional video for VoiceTra (iPhone application)
  • Localized a promotional video for an overseas manufacturer
  • Produced a product promotion video for an electronics manufacturer (CG)
  • Cooperated on the production of a traffic safety video

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Ginza BlancPa esthetic dental clinic

Movie production and translation
Hiroo Media Studio, Inc.
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Sibuyaku, Tokyo
T: 03-6721-7566

Hiroo Media Studio, Inc.